Thứ Bảy, 16 tháng 12, 2006

Your day

Candles - those are missing in our celebration today. And what's more... warmth, I think, though it's warm today.
Anyway, happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.
Wish two of us luck tomorrow!

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  1. hehe hom nay to' cung~ di gap. bà thay boi' canh nhà nam nào;))mu. bao? là ku Giang hom nay co quà SN to lam';))

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  2. happy b-day to ban Giang :D

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  3. ^^, happy to you, both H&G, Hope your love will be forever. Wish all of your celebrations are happy and full of smiles always .^^

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  4. Hi`hi`, thay mặt bạn Giang, thanks all of you :)
    Esp to Mink: your story reminds me of the past that really really touched my heart (he he, I cried when receiving G's e-card, but it was because of you two :P). Mink and Giang, I will remember this couple of friends forever. ^^

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  5. Happy birthday to Giang! muộn 1 ngày hay đúng ngày nhỉ.
    T thik cái lá bốn cánh. lucky

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  6. Thank 2 ban vi da vat va voi cai stupid computer cua to,khi can help ma duoc nhan help thi duoc relieved lam lam!...especially at this period of mine...
    Happy time together,forever, you two!!!

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