Thứ Bảy, 9 tháng 12, 2006

Delayed post (which should have been on 20th Nov)

Wake up after illness. The first thing i felt was "Oh, I look quite pretty when having my hair tied up!" It's just because I had been a mess for 4 days and felt a little different when i brought myself back to life.

It's the 15-year anniversary of Sociology Department today. The ceremony was boring except for the exciting dancing show of 4 girls from Class 51 Soc (hehe, the girl in the navy Tshirt, I admire you a lot - wish that you could read these lines for Lily and I couldn't have courage to reach you and tell you that). The incident didn't mean a thing to me. It's just a reminder telling me that time really flies, which scares me a little bit.

Teacher's Day. I often spent this occasion gathering with my old friends and visiting my old teachers. This year, due to illness and something called "vo^ duye^n", i failed to join my friends. So, i want to send to all my beloved teachers my best wishes: health, happiness and success in life. Each of you, to an unmeasurable extent, did make a milestone in my life, thus always has a place in my heart.

Now it's time for my thankfulness. Thank all of my  sweet sweet (2 lan` ngot. ngao`)friends for caring about me so much. "Banh' bo^t. my` tru*' danh", "caramen Hang Than", your visits, I love them all.

For my sweetheart, who has now fell sick, "Love you."

Feel like I'm taking a new journey tomorrow.

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  1. trình tiếng anh quả là cao cao thủ !!! bái phục bái phục !! không biết đến khi nào trình mình mới đạt đến mức này ! chúc mừng !

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. :D ko co' gi` :* chut chut

    Trả lờiXóa