Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 12, 2006

Entry for December 19, 2006

Trời ơi, sau một hồi kỳ cạch hì hục với cái máy tính và bon flickr dở hơi, Hằng đã gave up và đi ngủ.
Có mẩu truyện Kiều theo phong cách mới đây. (Nguồn: Blog của em Zi)

Thứ Bảy, 16 tháng 12, 2006

Your day

Candles - those are missing in our celebration today. And what's more... warmth, I think, though it's warm today.
Anyway, happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.
Wish two of us luck tomorrow!

Thứ Bảy, 9 tháng 12, 2006

Delayed post (which should have been on 20th Nov)

Wake up after illness. The first thing i felt was "Oh, I look quite pretty when having my hair tied up!" It's just because I had been a mess for 4 days and felt a little different when i brought myself back to life.

It's the 15-year anniversary of Sociology Department today. The ceremony was boring except for the exciting dancing show of 4 girls from Class 51 Soc (hehe, the girl in the navy Tshirt, I admire you a lot - wish that you could read these lines for Lily and I couldn't have courage to reach you and tell you that). The incident didn't mean a thing to me. It's just a reminder telling me that time really flies, which scares me a little bit.

Teacher's Day. I often spent this occasion gathering with my old friends and visiting my old teachers. This year, due to illness and something called "vo^ duye^n", i failed to join my friends. So, i want to send to all my beloved teachers my best wishes: health, happiness and success in life. Each of you, to an unmeasurable extent, did make a milestone in my life, thus always has a place in my heart.

Now it's time for my thankfulness. Thank all of my  sweet sweet (2 lan` ngot. ngao`)friends for caring about me so much. "Banh' bo^t. my` tru*' danh", "caramen Hang Than", your visits, I love them all.

For my sweetheart, who has now fell sick, "Love you."

Feel like I'm taking a new journey tomorrow.

I'm coming back!

Khà khà, thế là modem lại chạy ngon. Chung quy là ... nhầm... Image.

Making some greeting cards for the coming holiday - it's so much fun (thanks bạn Hải nhiều nhiều Image)

Things I wanna say now:

1. To someone who made me cry like a shower (and I've not cried like that for a long time) I've never wanted to hate you. But you've taken me onto the f***ing way I used to refuse. Now thank God I don't feel any regrets.

2. It's time to rise (and shine if possible Image). The 2nd course of internship awaits me.

3. I should be the one who leads my own life.