Thứ Sáu, 1 tháng 9, 2006

There'll be 9 days more.

So lucky that the deadline for our practice report has just been postponed till 11/9. The date doesn't seem lucky at all hic, hope that things will be fine. I've been absorbed in the report for 4 continual days (felt sleepy all the time and drank a lot of coffee Image) , spending days and nights thinking and writing, sometimes even writing without thinking Image, which ended up wasting time typing and then deleting what'd been typed Image. It may take time before I can reach somewhat called "science-making spirit" Image. However, practice makes perfect. Always telling to myself that I mustn't hasten to catch it. Image
He left for his dream destination yesterday. Praying every day that he will be home in 5 days, safe and sound Image. His interest in taking challenges sometimes makes me thrilled, and ... terrified although it is the first attractiveness I saw in him. Image At this time, hmm.., he may be half way to Fanxipan Peak. Come one, baby!!!Image
It's time for dinner. I've not cooked for 4 days, leaving saucepans and frying pans for mom. Today it's my turn. Image

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  1. Come on,go go
    Thứ 2 qua nhà t đàn đúm bù khú ko?

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. Ủa, lúc tớ nhìn thấy cái comment của ấy thì đã là... tối thứ 2 rùi. Mà thứ 2 là ngày j mừ đàn đúm. Thứ 2 là ngày đầu tuần, tưởng mọi người fải bận bịu hết chứ. :)

    Trả lờiXóa