Thứ Tư, 26 tháng 7, 2006

Nice figures

Va nãy có hai đa bn gi đin hi sao lâu ri không thy liên lc đng tĩnh gì, th là ng trưa dy mt cái là nhào vô cái blog này luôn. Đnh viết t hôm qua nhưng ngi dch bài ti tn hơn 4am nên mt ph râu, quyết đnh đi ng luôn.

Nice figures:

99: It’s the number of mails I wrote to my man. I myself am surprised to see I have written that much Image. And he wrote me back some, just some, I haven’t added up but I think there’re less than 50. Do you remember your first mail, sweetheart? I admittedly had a crush on you with that mail though we were very normal friends at that time.Image

19: It’s the number of pages I have translated up to now. Huhu I have about 15 pages undoneImage. But it’s still a nice figure ‘cause I’ve got something to do instead of lying picking channels on TV.Image

1: It’s the number of reply I’ve got from a far-away friend. Actually we are pen friends (Mink nh). I got a little upset when he hasn’t replied for a week but he did at last. He’s the one who always makes me feel good, very good.Image

0: (not nice at allImage) it’s the number of page of the practice report, the draff of which I’m supposed to finish by 30 July. Slowly comes the pressure.Image

Last night I reread my memory notebook just to find myself half crying half smiling. Wanna send my love to Phuong Nhung – my great great tablemate – you made me laugh all the time I sat beside you, but your writing took so many tears of mine Image; to Hoa – you seemed to be so far away from me, I don’t know why, but love you still Image and to Ngân – let’s go to the cinema baby, next month ok?, and I’m getting impatient to know whether you met any hot boy during your trip Image.


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