Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 6, 2006

Nearly fainted!

It has just scared me to death when the electricity was cut off for 30 mins. 11 at night my mom and I had to unlock the door and walked out of my house in order to have some fresh air and natural wind. It was all dark and hot inside and we even intended to move to my aunt's house, which is not far from mine, to get a shelter from this killing heat.(it's true, I've already surfed the webs to find out that a man was killed by a sunstrike in Hue St. in Hanoi) if the cut off should remain. Fortunately, after 30 mins torturing us, the cut off was abandoned. Will this situation happen again in this cruel summer? Of course, it will because the water in Hoa Binh Lake is going low and at present we don't have alternative sources for generating electricity but the thremo source (hix, this term might be misused, I'm not sure it's right, I should ask the BIG friend of my sweetheart, Mr Thang for reference before interfering in this field). Image

Happy news: We are said to  hand in the practice report in September, so we've got 3 months to write it. Ly said it would create the pressure to make a "huge" one. I hope not. Hix, I've got some plans for this summer.

The day after tomorrow comes the third terminal exam on Sociology of Community. "Common tricks" have been played and we can take it easy now. But once again, disappointed at Uni education in VN. :( What's more, disappointed by the way the VNese enterprise behaves at the international market, which is so much like a VNese farmer's in the old times. (Vietnam Airlines' case)

Truly hope that we would improve in the future. :)

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  1. Dao nay nha to cung thuong xuyen dot ngot mat dien, dung la ac mong acac. Thoi tiet nay dung la giet nguoi tu tu khong thuong tay da the con phai thi nua moi kho. Cung may ma bao cao thuc tap duoc lui den tan thang 9 hihi, co thoi gian de thu gian sau khi thi roi.Lac quan len duoc ti teo hehe

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  2. Về sự cố này ngành điện xin tự kiểm điểm và nhận hình thức kỷ luật "phê bình nghiêm khắc".
    hê hê

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