Thứ Bảy, 17 tháng 6, 2006


Started a new day with a loaf of bread my mom had bought me and a cup of Moment coffee. He brought me the coffee very early in the morning when he was on the way to his office. That reminds me of some morning long long ago, uhm it was on a day near Christmas, he brought me a pack of coffee and a dumpling saying "Have a nice day delivering your Christmas gifts!". That moved me intensely. I remember staying still for a while after he left.

I get on line quite late. The reason dragging me out of my bed is the picture books I've just read. I borrowed them from my pupil. She is always crazy about picture books, esp those on gay topic (only gay - no lesbian). Up to now she's kept asking me to rent "Brokeback Mountain" for her because she doesn't know any video/CD renting house. As a tutor, I said that I would censor it first to see whether she could watch it or not, which made her vexed. Hoho, I was just kidding and she knew that. Oh I love her bookcase. It's so full and the comic books are all new and well-preserved. She's so much like my buddy in terms of preserving her comics.

Back with the series of comics I've mentioned above, its Japanese title is "Imadoki" (means "present") and its translated one "Dandelion" (hey, I like this flower - an impression of a story in Doraemon series :D). The main character is pure, innocent and deeply faithful in "friendship". She makes friends with a few pupils in her new highschool, and then, all of a sudden, feels like something more than friend with her best friend.  The comics describe somewhat the junior and senior student life I passed. The feeling...

when you like someone and when you're disappoinded by that guy,

when you don't know whether or not you can call "it" love,

when you can't keep your mind in peace while all the exams are coming,

when your friend cries easily in front of you for she can't help it and you're too suprised to do anything in order to console her,

when you wait until the break to come sharing your sorrow with your buddy and weep instead of telling your long long story,

when you have good marks, bad marks and...  hatred for the same teachers,

every midday when we  say goodbye to each other at the crossroad on the way home and 2 times we say such sad farewells to our friends,


Confusion and at times, mistakes.

I experienced them all with few regrets when looking back, which I treasure most.

The deeper I get in the comics' atmosphere, the more the memory rushes back into my head. There's one more book to finish the series. I'm going to know the ending.

I enjoyed a friend's blog today, and now I feel like making a big bet on my life.

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  1. "She's so much like my buddy in terms of preserving her comics."
    ==> có phải là tớ (tức Hoài) không đấy ạ? Hay là tớ lại đươợc một phen tưởng bở :<
    Mà liệu bạn ĐH còn nhớ tớ là ai ko?
    *mượn tạm nick của lớp*

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. He he, y' to' la` Nga^n iu co* (so lam' lam', ma` van hoi han vi` lam` mat 1 quyen Conan + lam` gay~ bia` 1 quyen khac' cua Ngan), nhg ma` cung~ da~ biet danh tieng giu truyen cua ban Hoai` qua Tu' rui`:D. Ma` sao lai. hoi? to' the' chu*', van rat rat nho Hoai - nguoi ban. di hoc. muon nhieu` chi? sau minh`. :P

    Trả lờiXóa
  3. Tớ còn chưa liệt kê vào đây nhiều mục như là gia sư và học trò cặm cụi cùng nhau ngồi dịch truyện gay :D, với cả chép lời bài hát TA va dịch ra cho thằng em nó đi ... cưa bạn nó. It's so much fun, hê hê!

    Trả lờiXóa
  4. Dạy dỗ con cái người ta mà thế hả ?
    Chả bù với mình, thằng ku nó sắp thi T_T

    Trả lờiXóa
  5. ăn cắp điệu cười "hê hê" của mình nhanh thế ? B-)

    Trả lờiXóa
  6. Ùi, làm gì có copy right đâu chớ, hê hê :P :P :P

    Trả lờiXóa