Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 6, 2006

Entry for June 30, 2006

First of all, I get on line to say Big Congratulations to Germany's fans (I'm one among them Image). A little luck and so much effort have brought German people great great happiness although I (and many others) must confess that Argentina is a huge opponent to Ger as well as any other team. Image

Second, I've just watched Fahrenheit 9/11. So many feelings have grown and I myself don't know how to express them all. The sense of truth and people's dignity. Tears came sometimes during the film - for watching a mother's pain when being informed of her son's death in Iraq, for watching totally broken or burnt bodies of Iraqi people, and even of American troops. Liars are recognized. Micheal Moore has a satirical tone throughout the film but it's really sad, ...and obsessive.

Hix, don't know why I chose to watch the film instead of going to bed. Image

Thứ Năm, 29 tháng 6, 2006

Germany! Germany! Germany!

Image Cổ vũ cho đội Đức nào!!!


Drinking a cup of iced coffee at night gives me so much pleasure although it means that  I take the risk of a swollen throat. For two days I cried myself out, so now got no more tears. And I think that's enough. I started my summer not so merrily as I supposed... I just don't know what friendship means.

My rambling emotion has come to the limit. I'll go no further.

I've got my own life. Image C'mon!

Thứ Hai, 26 tháng 6, 2006

I've had it repaired

Hix, cài lại Win để chữa căn bệnh “inupdoadable” của cái máy tính điên cuồng. [You’re so sweet today, babe! Love ya so much Image Image – he devoted himself to repairing it for me and the work was really really hard, but the most important thing is that he succeeded after quite a few tremendous attempts] Thế là bây giờ phải ngồi cài lại tất cả các phần mềm. Muốn sửa lại cái blog hôm trước mà mãi bây giờ mới cài xong word. Mệt quá rùi.Image

Thứ Bảy, 24 tháng 6, 2006

Entry for June 24, 2006

Chà, hum nay là ngày 24 tháng 6 - là ngày bắt đầu kỳ nghỉ hè. Tự do đã trở lại!
Những công việc ko to ko nhỏ đang chờ đợi mình trong 3 tháng hè tới. Trời ơi, nếu lớp 9A  tổ chức đi chơi đc thì vui quá, bét ra cũng là có kỳ "nghỉ mát", chứ ko cứ dui dúi ở nhà, dạy học với làm báo cáo. Các đồng chí nòng cốt và tiên phong trong công cuộc tổ chức vụ này đã có động tĩnh gì chưa thế ạ? Image.
Chào mừng ngày nghỉ hè bằng cách absolutely absorbed in football. Đội tuyển Đức thân iu đã lại đi tiếp, mong là sẽ đi mãi tới trận cuối cùng. Image Ặc, tuy nhiên, có lẽ fải xem Argentina đá đấm ra sao đã. "Vua bánh mì" 4 quyển đã có mặt trong lúc chờ đến 2am. Bạn Thành dám kiu tớ ko hiểu gì về bóng đá à. Sai lầm! Image

Thứ Năm, 22 tháng 6, 2006

HCM - Nguoi la` niem tin thiet tha nhat...

Ngày kia thi tư tưởng HCM rùi nhưng bi giờ mới vào đầu đc có 3 chương. Định custumize cái theme nhưng máy tính chết tiệt ko làm đc (như mọi khi, ko bao giờ up đc một cái gì từ PC của mình), thế là theme trở về 1 tình trạng vô cùng nguyên thủy, thôi thì trông cũng mộc mạc giản dị. Image Đọc các thứ liên quan tới tư tưởng của Bác mà lại nghĩ đến những thứ nhạy cảm kiểu "chế độ" rồi "ĐCS", chẳng biết nên giữ cho mình một thái độ như thế nào. Thỉnh thoảng lại thấy lập trường chính trị cũng quan trọng lắm, nhỡ mà sóng gió nổi lên (các bác đừng mắng/bắt cháu, cháu cũng chỉ đưa ra 1 phán đoán giống bác Marx với cả Engels thui Image) thì còn có điểm tựa là cái chính kiến của mình. Nhg mà còn confused lắm. Image Nhưng mà dù j thì vẫn luôn luôn yêu quí Bác Hồ. (who came first as my idol before any hot boyband when I was only a secondary student Image)

Nhân tiện 1 người bạn cấp 2 add mình vô network của hắn, lấy cái tên "Khương Thượng" ra search một hồi, wasted time nhưng cũng làm tỉnh ngủ lém Image. Bi giờ thì lại fải nhồi tip' nao`!

Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 6, 2006

Yeah, it's fine!

It's definitely fine Image. Feel like something very very bright waiting for me ahead. Image 

Determination arises, hope flies, faith lies in between. I must do this!

Thứ Bảy, 17 tháng 6, 2006


Started a new day with a loaf of bread my mom had bought me and a cup of Moment coffee. He brought me the coffee very early in the morning when he was on the way to his office. That reminds me of some morning long long ago, uhm it was on a day near Christmas, he brought me a pack of coffee and a dumpling saying "Have a nice day delivering your Christmas gifts!". That moved me intensely. I remember staying still for a while after he left.

I get on line quite late. The reason dragging me out of my bed is the picture books I've just read. I borrowed them from my pupil. She is always crazy about picture books, esp those on gay topic (only gay - no lesbian). Up to now she's kept asking me to rent "Brokeback Mountain" for her because she doesn't know any video/CD renting house. As a tutor, I said that I would censor it first to see whether she could watch it or not, which made her vexed. Hoho, I was just kidding and she knew that. Oh I love her bookcase. It's so full and the comic books are all new and well-preserved. She's so much like my buddy in terms of preserving her comics.

Back with the series of comics I've mentioned above, its Japanese title is "Imadoki" (means "present") and its translated one "Dandelion" (hey, I like this flower - an impression of a story in Doraemon series :D). The main character is pure, innocent and deeply faithful in "friendship". She makes friends with a few pupils in her new highschool, and then, all of a sudden, feels like something more than friend with her best friend.  The comics describe somewhat the junior and senior student life I passed. The feeling...

when you like someone and when you're disappoinded by that guy,

when you don't know whether or not you can call "it" love,

when you can't keep your mind in peace while all the exams are coming,

when your friend cries easily in front of you for she can't help it and you're too suprised to do anything in order to console her,

when you wait until the break to come sharing your sorrow with your buddy and weep instead of telling your long long story,

when you have good marks, bad marks and...  hatred for the same teachers,

every midday when we  say goodbye to each other at the crossroad on the way home and 2 times we say such sad farewells to our friends,


Confusion and at times, mistakes.

I experienced them all with few regrets when looking back, which I treasure most.

The deeper I get in the comics' atmosphere, the more the memory rushes back into my head. There's one more book to finish the series. I'm going to know the ending.

I enjoyed a friend's blog today, and now I feel like making a big bet on my life.


Trời bây giờ đang mưa rất rất to, sấm sét đùng đoàng à. Còn mình thì cũng đang chịu hết nổi với cái máy tính điên khùng này rồi. RAM với chuột quá tồi. :(( Chỉ muốn đập cho nó 1 phát.

Thứ Sáu, 16 tháng 6, 2006

Entry for June 16, 2006

Được sự chỉ giáo của bạn Thắng tớ đã tiếp cận ngay công nghệ gõ tiếng Việt trên blog. :D
Hôm nay thi xong môn XHH Giáo dục, thế là chỉ còn 1 môn thôi, trời ơi 1 môn nữa cơ đấy - Tư tưởng Hồ Chí Minh, mà lại tận thứ 7 tuần sau mới thi. Lâu wá! Cái vụ thi cử này cứ dầm dề mãi thôi.Image
Hum qua ngủ có mỗi 1 tiếng, he he thế mà trưa này về vẫn thích xem phim hơn là ngủ. Xem "The notebook" thấy 2 nhân vật trong đó passionately in love quá, cũng nhỏ mất một ít nước muối nữa. Mấy ngày tới chắc là sẽ nghỉ ngơi dài dài đây, lại vùi đầu trong truyện mất thôi. :)

Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 6, 2006

Nearly fainted!

It has just scared me to death when the electricity was cut off for 30 mins. 11 at night my mom and I had to unlock the door and walked out of my house in order to have some fresh air and natural wind. It was all dark and hot inside and we even intended to move to my aunt's house, which is not far from mine, to get a shelter from this killing heat.(it's true, I've already surfed the webs to find out that a man was killed by a sunstrike in Hue St. in Hanoi) if the cut off should remain. Fortunately, after 30 mins torturing us, the cut off was abandoned. Will this situation happen again in this cruel summer? Of course, it will because the water in Hoa Binh Lake is going low and at present we don't have alternative sources for generating electricity but the thremo source (hix, this term might be misused, I'm not sure it's right, I should ask the BIG friend of my sweetheart, Mr Thang for reference before interfering in this field). Image

Happy news: We are said to  hand in the practice report in September, so we've got 3 months to write it. Ly said it would create the pressure to make a "huge" one. I hope not. Hix, I've got some plans for this summer.

The day after tomorrow comes the third terminal exam on Sociology of Community. "Common tricks" have been played and we can take it easy now. But once again, disappointed at Uni education in VN. :( What's more, disappointed by the way the VNese enterprise behaves at the international market, which is so much like a VNese farmer's in the old times. (Vietnam Airlines' case)

Truly hope that we would improve in the future. :)

Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 6, 2006

Birthday of my buddy ^_^

It's terribly hot todayImage. At the time I'm sitting at my desk typing some new lines for my blog, the temperature is getting higher and higher. My mom has fallen a sleep for a while because she is too tired to be kept awake due to the damn weather. I'm not that case. Although I slept only for 3 hours last night and have had little time to rest during the day, I can't go to bed suffering from the heat of the mattress (hix, my mom and I are too lazy to put it up). I love lying on the floor but my mom will scold at me if she finds me lying there at her foot in the next morning Image.

We had a very very good time today. We had lunch together (bun' cha? - my favourite), gossiped with each other about our future career, went to the cinema enjoying such a beautiful romance in "Daisy". Hope that the new stage of your life is filled with joy and happiness and, most of all, LOVE. Happy birthday to you, my coolest buddy Image!!!

Huhuhu, tomorrow afternoon I'll have to attend an extra class of one of the men I hate most. Image The weather might stay the same and... oh it's like a hell. :((