Thứ Hai, 22 tháng 5, 2006

Such a revision!

I've just read "Living a Passionate Life: Finding Fulfillment". Although the article is actually done for middle-aged women, I find it useful for myself, a girl of 20s. Its opening  says "passion is the central motivation of all human activity, and the pursuit of a passionate life is a conscious choice - one that is never too late to make". Uhm... remembering the last time I whined about my boring meaningless  life, which is not long ago, I've taken the sentence into consideration. My sweetheart is always asking me about my journey - this is the term we learned in one course that we attended together - finding out my identity - my inside treasure. From time to time I got encouragement from him or something else in my life, sort of his sharing about his own journey,  sort of images or sounds coming to my eyes and ears, which reminded me of things I used to wish to have or to become. I would then start feeling an indefinable itch for figuring out who I was and going to be in the furture. After all that is the question I haven't been able to answer up to now. "I'm  Hang", it's not that easy. [This is for my sweetheart: I've never forgotten my way I decided to take and I  keep walking, always.] Image

Another passage of the article goes in this way: "the way you have a soul mate is to share your soul with another person, over time. This process usually takes years of giving and receiving love, testing trust and coming to believe that we are loved just for what we are. We do not meet a soul mate; we forge one." "Who is my real soul mate?", I can't make a harsh reply although I've got a very hopeful nice realationship with a guy...  How long can we maintain our love? [my friend said that the answer was not 'forever'] Image

Hix, why am I thinking so much? ImageI should have concentrated on my preparation for the terminal exams. I gave myself a little bit indulgence reading this article while I was searching for documents on human capital, social capital, symbolic capital and cultural capital which are among revision issues of Economic Sociology. And now I'm wasting more time for this blog. [Bo' tay] Image This is such a ... good revision, right?

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