Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 5, 2006

Coming back!

The blog last time was about my Statistic Teacher and I suppose my next will also be about him. I'm going to have the terminal exams before long. 11 days to prepare for 6 subjects including some might-be-disasters (HCM Ideology or Statistics for example). I haven't touched this blog for so long. I tried to get down to typing something even if it would be  nonsense or commonplace but words failed me.

I can talk a lot about dreams because I've slept so much.

I can talk a lot about personal crises because mine has come and just gone. Despite having attended in the course of time management and crisis solution with Mr Frederic, I found no solution for myself but "let it be" Image.

Okie, the important thing is that I've been refreshed. Image

1. Yoga

2. Scrapbooking

3. Exams

Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!Image

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  1. u should be careful with yoga nha'.... :D luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv, truoc khi thi xhh kt t se fone nha'c nho? m` mang cho t muo.n mot co* so^' vo*? cac mon + de cuong on tap, hehe

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  2. To Ngan iu: Hoho, hom nay di duong tao con thay cai banner film "Ban trai toi nhom' mau' B" nua~, kieu nay` hoi bi nhieu film de xem :D, nhg ma hu hu, tao sap thi roi.
    To Lily: hihi, dang nao` tuan sau cha? gap nhau o truong, bon minh` con` fai photo mot co* so^' thu*' nua ma`:D

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  3. A`, ma` sao lai fai can than voi yoga the may`???

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  4. Em yeu, sap chieu "Hoa cuc dai" roi.Chuan bi di xem nha' nha'!Thi tot vao` nha!Love!

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