Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 3, 2006

Mr Statistic Teacher, you're so cute! :D

Although I find it uncomfortable to write my blog in an internet cafe, I have no alternative but staying in one to keep my blog alive Image, for the ADSL wire in my house has just been cut (may be by a mouse Image)

Oh, I have finished my exam on Statistic and it's really surprising that my teacher's given us such easy problems. I have been waking up all night to make preparations for this exam, feeling a little scared (I haven't got involved in anything mathematical for long and I don't remember problems that I used to think that I would never forget because I did them so many times - he he - just for the entrance university exam Image) The biggest matter of this week has been solved Image. I think the result's gonna be good.

Tomorrow comes the second biggest matter of the week Image. It asks for reading a lot and thorough understanding, of course. It's about Ho Chi Minh's ideology Image - another midterm test. Hey, I hate politics, so it's not easy for me at all. My sweetheart, in contrast, loves politics, talks politics, and seems to want to enter politics... I beg you not, my dear. Image

So happy today. Hope that I'll feel the same tomorrow Image


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  1. hehe, Thao is into politics a lot too, but i don't think her talks are useful to our exam tomorrow, sensitive probs u know hehe :D

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. hi hi lai nho den hoi xua,tao voi may bat tay hop tac vo cung an y.Gia ma bay h van the nhi,de thay vi on ca quyen sach,tao se chi phai on nua quyen thoi :-*

    Trả lờiXóa
  3. Trui` ui, cong nhan la tao voi may` (P. Nhung) hop tac an y' that, nho*' lai thay vui qua', nhat la hom truoc kiem tra, chia nhau ra, may fan dau`, tao fan duoi :D "Nho*' hoc. nhe'" hihihi

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