Thứ Bảy, 4 tháng 3, 2006


It's now 5th March. I'm searching for my desk calendar to see how many days we've got (to finish our scientific research), finding I forgot to turn to the page of March 5 days ago. I seemed to lose the sense of time. It's really bad, because it's my mom's birthday today.

I kept thinking about my present for her sometimes but I forgot it at the very time that I shouldn't have. Oh, I can't make any excuse for this. Image

I suddenly realize today that I haven't listened to any song from my computer for almost a month just because I haven't been able to plug my headphone into it (intended to ask you for help sometimes, my dear, but again, forgot it)

At least, something good for me today is that I have done a few first pieces of our research and made preparations for the next Monday when we distribute the polls and accumulate the information and do the data processing.

So, I'm wondering what is the meaning of counting  good things and bad things in a day. It sounds like a child's educational game. I'm going like this at times, sorry if u find it a bunch of stuff. Image

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  1. haha it's great we're on our way. good luck to us :D

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