Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 3, 2006

Emotional stress.

I don't mean to play truant today but the unluckiness keeps me away from class and I can't go against it. He he, I'm innocent. Image

There were so many things happening to me last week. I have experienced the feeling of angry and bitterness, of confusion and great frustration for the first time in my life. So much was it that I kept thinking about it again and again. I haven't been able to escape from those unreasonable and  offensive words I heard though I shouldn't have been obsessed like that. It's the first time and it may happen again. Try as much as I could,  I find it difficult to overcome this event. It led me to many extremes which I don't really want to have.

Dear, you may read these lines and wonder why I've gone that way. But you don't understand what comes to my head when I've suffered this emotional stress, however close we are. That's why I'm trying to appear stronger in front of you but keep sighing from time to time. I hope that it will soon be over.

:) Singing "Don't know why", but I know why...


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  1. You know why things happened and why you feel that way, so you will sooner or later find your way to escape from these things :) Best wishes!

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  2. hehe, if it's for me yelling at u on the phone for coming late n stuffs , i truly am sorry dear:D

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  3. First, thanks a lot Chau than men :) hope that i'll soon find ways to deal with it, not escape from it. Second, to Lily, it's not because of you although, he he, I don't like you yelling at me. I'll tell u later.

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  4. hic,chuyen j lam cho DH hien lanh cua to stress the? All the very best for you nhe :)

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  5. huhu, chuyen cua "another mama" :((, ui`, nhg bi gio cung do hon rui`.

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