Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 3, 2006

Mr Statistic Teacher, you're so cute! :D

Although I find it uncomfortable to write my blog in an internet cafe, I have no alternative but staying in one to keep my blog alive Image, for the ADSL wire in my house has just been cut (may be by a mouse Image)

Oh, I have finished my exam on Statistic and it's really surprising that my teacher's given us such easy problems. I have been waking up all night to make preparations for this exam, feeling a little scared (I haven't got involved in anything mathematical for long and I don't remember problems that I used to think that I would never forget because I did them so many times - he he - just for the entrance university exam Image) The biggest matter of this week has been solved Image. I think the result's gonna be good.

Tomorrow comes the second biggest matter of the week Image. It asks for reading a lot and thorough understanding, of course. It's about Ho Chi Minh's ideology Image - another midterm test. Hey, I hate politics, so it's not easy for me at all. My sweetheart, in contrast, loves politics, talks politics, and seems to want to enter politics... I beg you not, my dear. Image

So happy today. Hope that I'll feel the same tomorrow Image


Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 3, 2006

Emotional stress.

I don't mean to play truant today but the unluckiness keeps me away from class and I can't go against it. He he, I'm innocent. Image

There were so many things happening to me last week. I have experienced the feeling of angry and bitterness, of confusion and great frustration for the first time in my life. So much was it that I kept thinking about it again and again. I haven't been able to escape from those unreasonable and  offensive words I heard though I shouldn't have been obsessed like that. It's the first time and it may happen again. Try as much as I could,  I find it difficult to overcome this event. It led me to many extremes which I don't really want to have.

Dear, you may read these lines and wonder why I've gone that way. But you don't understand what comes to my head when I've suffered this emotional stress, however close we are. That's why I'm trying to appear stronger in front of you but keep sighing from time to time. I hope that it will soon be over.

:) Singing "Don't know why", but I know why...


Thứ Hai, 13 tháng 3, 2006

Stand tall!

Stand tall, see straight, be brave and use ur heart! That's all you've got to do. Image

Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 3, 2006

Beyond the sea

One day after Women's Day, I received a greeting card from my buddy, which is a little bit surprising. I thought she knew what I had written to her the day before and this card was the reply .But the card came to me carrying her pure sweet wishes for me and my mom without saying anything about my stuff sent. This is because she hasn't used internet anymore and her mobile either. So I'm placed in front of an important question... Should I change my ... as my sharing got unknown of?  Perhaps, I should not. The solution doesn't come by chance like this. It's not something falling upon me from the sky. It's not the solution that chooses me but I myself have to choose one. And it doesn't matter whether my buddy has got my sharing or not. Anyway, after a hard working day, in early hours of a new day, the greeting card did bring me peace.Image Thanks a lot, Ngan iu.

I made coffee tonight. I feel good with a warm cup of coffee. I put in more coffee and less sugar than usual, which made the coffee bitter. Bitter enough? instead of Sweet enough? I'd wait to see which works.

Some more, I want to say to you, sweetheart, it's not always the case that I spend my every day with you, because we are two people with our own businesses, but in a day like today, the time beside you, which is not much (I think it's less than an hour Image)and of no speciality - the word "beside" is used totally literally as you rode me school and you rode me back home, is really precious.  I don't mind wasting time to have time with you, and I hope you don't either. Image

Finally, I have just watched "Finding Nemo", an interesting inspiring touching cartoon. Here're some lines of the song "Beyond the sea" in this cartoon's soundtrack:

"Somewhere, beyond the sea

Somewhere waiting for me

My lover stands on golden sands

And watches the ships that go sailing

Somewhere, beyond the sea

She's there watching for me

If I could fly like birds on high

Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing

It's far beyond a star,

it's near beyond the moon

I know beyond a doubt

My heart will lead me there soon..."

Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 3, 2006

Miss you

Along came  so much tiredness, I wish to have a day off with  you, GM (don't fancy, sweetheart, it's not you Image), being riden around, having our favourite food, gossiping about men and women, and... about us, sitting in a warm cinema watching a romantic film Image. Just because I miss you so much.

I drank coffe tonight, which keeps me awake till now, full of sadness and confusion...

Thứ Bảy, 4 tháng 3, 2006


It's now 5th March. I'm searching for my desk calendar to see how many days we've got (to finish our scientific research), finding I forgot to turn to the page of March 5 days ago. I seemed to lose the sense of time. It's really bad, because it's my mom's birthday today.

I kept thinking about my present for her sometimes but I forgot it at the very time that I shouldn't have. Oh, I can't make any excuse for this. Image

I suddenly realize today that I haven't listened to any song from my computer for almost a month just because I haven't been able to plug my headphone into it (intended to ask you for help sometimes, my dear, but again, forgot it)

At least, something good for me today is that I have done a few first pieces of our research and made preparations for the next Monday when we distribute the polls and accumulate the information and do the data processing.

So, I'm wondering what is the meaning of counting  good things and bad things in a day. It sounds like a child's educational game. I'm going like this at times, sorry if u find it a bunch of stuff. Image