Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 2, 2006

Tet was over!

I spent 2 past days going out with my bosom friends. We had small talks and went to the cinema. It was a lot of fun Image. It’s a long time we haven’t got a chance to hang around together, talk and eat. We’re all busy with our own new lives after high school. Sometimes we met or called, but most of these times, we didn’t talk much but asked and asked (most of the answers were like “I’m normal! It's normal!”; only these times did I realize the power of distance which is quite devastasting). One of them is going to fly back to Singapore to continue her study today (miss you much, husbandImage). Her stories woke up my dream of studying abroad. It’s somewhat a reality I am able to make, not a dream. UmImage I don’t know, I can’t tell …

Well, Tet holiday was finally over. I’m coming back university next Monday (it’s boring and depressing – I’m getting to know the results of my terminal tests – I suppose it’s not so good as I want – that can make me stressed for some time). C’mon, look at the bright side, girl, the new year has come!


I may be feeling lost and feeling blue; however, I’ll find out my own lessons with each experience I get, which helps me grow up (recently, my shoes’ case). We learn during our whole life, that’s the most important point I found out last year.

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