Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 2, 2006

Something meaningful to think about

Some of my friends might think that I would spend today getting worried about my study results. Oh, in fact, I did, for the whole afternoon and a little later before I got involved in another family stuff which I really really hate. But it's okie now.

I'm writing this blog after I've watched a very touching film on Discovery Channel. It's a documentary film named "Cutting through" about the art of papercutting. The film focuses on an Chinese woman who has had her life glued with paper and scissors. I'm fascinated because she's overwhemlingly talented, she can cut anything she sees in the true life and her cuts are extremely meticulous and artistic. What's surprising is she does every cut easily as if she's done it many times before.

As I've said, it's a touching film. It seems a paradox but this talented woman has met so many difficulties in her life. "We're poor" - that's the sentence I heard most in this film. The atmosphere of her poor countryside gives an exact resemblance to Vietnam's, even the way people talking about "the sunshine of Party" and "Mao's time". Her family didn't have enough money for her youngest son to get married (sound similar to something we learnt in the past). Her husband died of the disease which the family couldn't afford to cure. He found seeing a doctor a waste and let it be. She earned her life by doing farmwork. Also she tried to sell some papercuts. But most of the time, people loved watching her doing cuts rather than buying her products.

The most wonderful moment in her life, I think, and in this film as well is when she had her own papercut exhibition with the help of a man coming from a famous museum. She was standing there, in the ceremony, being taken photographs by a lot of journalists, smiling. I was moved to tears.

The very next moment I saw a man showing her a naked-body picture following the scholar of Renaissance art, asking her to cut something like that, saying that her papercuts were all about everyday life, so they were too normal and needed something particular. Thoughts were flying to me at the moment. What's the meaning of art? and life? and money?

This film makes me refer to Vietnam. I do wish our hidden craftsmen would have the same opportunity to appear in a program like this in order to show their talent and make their living better. It's a pity that I can't upload any picture, otherwise I would send here pics of handicrafts by the Vietnamese which I love a lot.

I have some more... but it's for myself. Feel like I've got something meaningful to think about besides statistic problems.

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  1. What's the meaning of art? and life? and money? (only repeat your saying)
    love you,

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