Thứ Bảy, 11 tháng 2, 2006

La la la ...

A lazy girl got up at 12 at noon, opening the door to meet no sunshine. The sky was grey and it seemed to be raining soon. Luckily, it kept this ready-to-rain status for the whole day until the sun set to give up for the dark. She went to class late as usual. "But if we tried to come up there in time, we will lose our whole afternoon, for we will be confused and will have headaches and will be heart-broken". It's true.Image

I'm going to be involved in a very interesting business - present wrapping. I have never tried this biz and have no  idea about nice and meticulous kinds of wrapping. I knew some simple only through  my friends' birthdays. Of course I  know how to make up a box Image Wow, it's short of handy biz (Valentine is coming and Women's day, too Image) and in fact, my work is to help my mom practise making boxes and wrapping them and then she can raise some money from that as an extra sum after official working. Image Hope that it will last!

Now it's time for work. Come on, mun! ^_^


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