Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 2, 2006

To be free or not to be free

I'm free tonight for my students are going on a sightseeing trip. The boy said to me "Although I'll be in Hanoi by 6, I will not be home by 8 Image" So, I have my class off today. However, my free teaching tonight doesn't mean that I don't have anything else to do. In fact, I've got a mountain of work pushing upon me, including the two most important: an exercise on Sociology of Community and an incomplete scientific research (a(c., it really takes time but all we've got is 14 days..)

Two FPT engineers have come to fix my problem with ADSL, I've been complaining about it a thousand times. Unfortunately, they proved to be  helpless and told me that it was not their company's fault but  my computer's. So, I have nothing more to sayImage . Is it possible to shift to Viettel service? Image

Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 2, 2006


Surfing webs, again coming to tnt..., reading *WC* topic. I easily find someone's mood just like mine. "I wanna go insane... I'm mad...I'm sleepless... Shit!" So, the world is going round and round, I'm not the only one that had a bad day today. "Life is not too long, nor too short!" . Not the first challenge in my life but why I find it so hard to overcome. Time! Give me time pleaseeeee!

Something meaningful to think about

Some of my friends might think that I would spend today getting worried about my study results. Oh, in fact, I did, for the whole afternoon and a little later before I got involved in another family stuff which I really really hate. But it's okie now.

I'm writing this blog after I've watched a very touching film on Discovery Channel. It's a documentary film named "Cutting through" about the art of papercutting. The film focuses on an Chinese woman who has had her life glued with paper and scissors. I'm fascinated because she's overwhemlingly talented, she can cut anything she sees in the true life and her cuts are extremely meticulous and artistic. What's surprising is she does every cut easily as if she's done it many times before.

As I've said, it's a touching film. It seems a paradox but this talented woman has met so many difficulties in her life. "We're poor" - that's the sentence I heard most in this film. The atmosphere of her poor countryside gives an exact resemblance to Vietnam's, even the way people talking about "the sunshine of Party" and "Mao's time". Her family didn't have enough money for her youngest son to get married (sound similar to something we learnt in the past). Her husband died of the disease which the family couldn't afford to cure. He found seeing a doctor a waste and let it be. She earned her life by doing farmwork. Also she tried to sell some papercuts. But most of the time, people loved watching her doing cuts rather than buying her products.

The most wonderful moment in her life, I think, and in this film as well is when she had her own papercut exhibition with the help of a man coming from a famous museum. She was standing there, in the ceremony, being taken photographs by a lot of journalists, smiling. I was moved to tears.

The very next moment I saw a man showing her a naked-body picture following the scholar of Renaissance art, asking her to cut something like that, saying that her papercuts were all about everyday life, so they were too normal and needed something particular. Thoughts were flying to me at the moment. What's the meaning of art? and life? and money?

This film makes me refer to Vietnam. I do wish our hidden craftsmen would have the same opportunity to appear in a program like this in order to show their talent and make their living better. It's a pity that I can't upload any picture, otherwise I would send here pics of handicrafts by the Vietnamese which I love a lot.

I have some more... but it's for myself. Feel like I've got something meaningful to think about besides statistic problems.

Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 2, 2006

I love you and ... coffee, too :P

It's difficult to make decisions, but I've made it. I'm getting involved to find out where I really belong to.

Great thanks to you Image and coffee Image!

Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 2, 2006

Feeling blue

Feeling blue without you. This song is dedicated to myself...

Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song

A little girl with nothing wrong

Is all alone

Eyes wide open

Always hoping for the sun

And she'll sing her song to anyone

that comes along

Fragile as a leaf in autumn

Just fallin' to the ground

Without a sound

Crooked little smile on her face

Tells a tale of grace

That's all her own

Fragile as a leaf in autumn

Just fallin' to the ground

Without a sound

Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song

She’s a little girl with nothing wrong

And she's all alone

A little girl with nothing wrong

And she's all alone


Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 2, 2006

Oh, my Valentine! :)

I don't know what to begin with this blog on my Valentine's Day. Many things to think about but I'm too confused to write all them down.  The first speciality today is my Valentine symbol Image (Is it okay, darling, hope that you would  sleep tight with it and have a lot of nice dreams Image)  It took me time for a few days to find out what it should be and I really really love the  idea I've got.

I did have my extra  teaching class this evening. Everybody  told me that I had to create some reason for dropping it and celebrate Valentine's day with my sweetheart. But we had our own way to celebrate it Image. Great food, great ride, great night, great ... us, I think. "I'm attached to you, darling, absolutely!Image"

One more thing, I helped one of my bosom friends have a very nice dream (about what Image, Hoa Image), she told me that. That brings me pride Image and most of all, LOVE.

Singing marrily, "Oh, oh, my Valentine, my happy one..." Image

Thứ Bảy, 11 tháng 2, 2006

My heart sank.

The fact that I couldn't upload pictures left me in frustration and and unspeakable immense sadness. I think something other than words will be able to speak for me. Image


La la la ...

A lazy girl got up at 12 at noon, opening the door to meet no sunshine. The sky was grey and it seemed to be raining soon. Luckily, it kept this ready-to-rain status for the whole day until the sun set to give up for the dark. She went to class late as usual. "But if we tried to come up there in time, we will lose our whole afternoon, for we will be confused and will have headaches and will be heart-broken". It's true.Image

I'm going to be involved in a very interesting business - present wrapping. I have never tried this biz and have no  idea about nice and meticulous kinds of wrapping. I knew some simple only through  my friends' birthdays. Of course I  know how to make up a box Image Wow, it's short of handy biz (Valentine is coming and Women's day, too Image) and in fact, my work is to help my mom practise making boxes and wrapping them and then she can raise some money from that as an extra sum after official working. Image Hope that it will last!

Now it's time for work. Come on, mun! ^_^


Thứ Sáu, 10 tháng 2, 2006

Simply I ...

ImageGot another bad news today. Image I don't know what is the best way for me to receive such news, falling sad and crying, or just smiling and forgetting all about it. Sweetheart said, "Let it be, let sadness be, hey make a sad face for me to see!" Little did he make me smile before I fell on his shoulder.

I drew a crying face in my notebook, telling him that I would like a fake cry, so that I would not waste my tears for such things. And I did not. I felt like a shadow hanging over my head at first, when I stood in the lobby waiting for my marks, and got it, and ..., but later, I flew up high and left the stupid sorrow behind. I kept myself quiet and revived it with my work - teaching my 2 sweet pupils. They were so light-hearted that I could not bear in my mind such thoughts as "I'm too low, too weak, too fragile. I didn't try my best. It serves me right!" or "I'm not lucky, it's not fair!". I simply felt happy and useful. Image

I've turned back to my own life in that way... Tomorrow is a new day, isn't it?

I got a message from my bosom friend late at night.Image She told my about "Memoirs of a Geisha", which she was enjoying very much and asked me to go to the cinema with her every few  months. I can't describe exactly, but the message itself and the very moment I received it made me moved a lot. Love u, Ngan iuImage

Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 2, 2006


"Late at night, I'm still wide awake.." thinking about my bad day.  I spent my 2 first days at university after Tet taking notes  extremely crazily Image only to hear such bad news today Image In fact, I cried for a while, trying to stop that a few times but in vain... My mom made things worse by having arguments with me. She's always letting me down in the way of comparing me with someone else she finds superior, and blaming me for being inferior (why??????????, she never accepts me as I really am as her daughter). Sick of it!

Though the news was not worse than I had expected, I could not help feeling .. terrible.

The thing that saved me from all of my sorrows in the day was my merry extra teaching class with 2 humorous pupils, a lovely 11th grade girl and a 10th grade funny boy. Besides, I had a ride around some streets with my sweetheart before coming home after class. ( Image )


Okie, let it be...


Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 2, 2006

Tet was over!

I spent 2 past days going out with my bosom friends. We had small talks and went to the cinema. It was a lot of fun Image. It’s a long time we haven’t got a chance to hang around together, talk and eat. We’re all busy with our own new lives after high school. Sometimes we met or called, but most of these times, we didn’t talk much but asked and asked (most of the answers were like “I’m normal! It's normal!”; only these times did I realize the power of distance which is quite devastasting). One of them is going to fly back to Singapore to continue her study today (miss you much, husbandImage). Her stories woke up my dream of studying abroad. It’s somewhat a reality I am able to make, not a dream. UmImage I don’t know, I can’t tell …

Well, Tet holiday was finally over. I’m coming back university next Monday (it’s boring and depressing – I’m getting to know the results of my terminal tests – I suppose it’s not so good as I want – that can make me stressed for some time). C’mon, look at the bright side, girl, the new year has come!


I may be feeling lost and feeling blue; however, I’ll find out my own lessons with each experience I get, which helps me grow up (recently, my shoes’ case). We learn during our whole life, that’s the most important point I found out last year.