Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 1, 2006

Tet is coming

Hix, the ADSL quality is too poor. I can't stand it anymore Image When will I be able to upload my pictures???

Tomorrow I'm taking my last terminal test, on English. It seems to be okay, and I hope so, but I'm down with some problems of my health. I haven't revised anything. Now I'm getting nervous, hix Image Oh, oh, I'm always so.

C'mon mun! Cos' exams will soon be over and... Tet is coming! Image


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  1. na`y , ko biet up anh a`h:D hix hix chi co file anh jpg gi` do moi up dc len hay sao i. at least a?nh bmp thi` ko up len duoc dau

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  2. ho*` ho*`, ko fai? tai. dinh. dang. anh? may` a., tai. duong truyen adsl hoac la tai may' nha` tao thui. Mai tao cung~ fai? goi. bon FPT vao` de sua, that la met moi va dien cuong, hix hix :(

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