Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 1, 2006

Not too bad, not too good, that makes me uneasy

I feel quite unsatisfied with my test today. It's so crazy and I don't know why I am so stupid with such mistakes in this damn test. An uneasy feeling does come over me, and I find it hard to wash it away, I hate it, I hate it.. (hix hix, nearly cry but stop in time Image)

Anyway, it's time to forget all about exams and make preparations for Tet holiday. I've got some plans, for myself, my family and my sweetheart. Image (starting this blog is part of my plan Image)


"You know, it's a long time I haven't felt a somewhat stinging pain in my heart. Recently I've watched movies a lot and got this feeling again. It's strange, you know, it seems to me we are too close. That's not a good thing..."

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