Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 1, 2006

First task done!

Wow, I have just finished a huge pile of clothes, it's 0.46 now. It sounds odd to do washing up this time, but for me, it's quite ... normal. "Um, in this life, there're two kinds of people: one like nightingales and the other like owls" I am the latter Image. So happy that I've done my first task well. I promised so many things with my mom, and now it's time to keep my promises. A short while ago, just before going to bed, she's asked me provokingly, "When can you clear up all this mess, huh?" (during my exams, I gathered a lot of paper and books, now they are everywhere in my bedroom, he he, my mom's right, it's really a mess Image). I can't answer her that I like a messy style although it's true Image. So, I've got my second task.

2 nhận xét:

  1. Hang yeu qui,Hang yeu qui.Tet nay ban co them 1 nhiem vu la bao ban G deo`den nha minh chuc Tet day nhe.Tao vua ve nha roi hi hi

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  2. Hihi, may ve rui` ah, zui qua'! ^_^ Nhung ma nhiem vu may giao tao thay hoi bat kha thi a', tao voi ca ban G suot dip Tet cung dau co gap dc nhau :((.

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