Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 1, 2006

In the mood of ...

I fell in the emptiness and loneliness of myself however crowded it was around me.  I was confused by offers.


I don't like them. I wanna be ALL BY MYSELF.

Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 1, 2006

Such a great day!

I'm extremely busy today. I have almost no time at home until 11.  Absolutely tired now! Image

The greatest thing is that I have gone to a flower market for the first time in my life, of course with my sweetheart. We started at 4am and spent more than 1 hour hanging around in the market. It's really really exciting and wonderful, a lot of people and a lot of flowers. Tet smell is all around me. I can even taste it with some dishes by my mom later in the day (banh chung + canh ma(ng Image).

Wow, there is one day to come! Image

(Oh, I forget, thank you, sweetheartImage, I'm very happy today^_^ )


Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 1, 2006

First task done!

Wow, I have just finished a huge pile of clothes, it's 0.46 now. It sounds odd to do washing up this time, but for me, it's quite ... normal. "Um, in this life, there're two kinds of people: one like nightingales and the other like owls" I am the latter Image. So happy that I've done my first task well. I promised so many things with my mom, and now it's time to keep my promises. A short while ago, just before going to bed, she's asked me provokingly, "When can you clear up all this mess, huh?" (during my exams, I gathered a lot of paper and books, now they are everywhere in my bedroom, he he, my mom's right, it's really a mess Image). I can't answer her that I like a messy style although it's true Image. So, I've got my second task.

Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 1, 2006

Something, a long time ago...

Today we had a nice date. We went to Trang Tien street to have a look at books. There were so many that I, to be exact, wanted to run out of the store, finishing my headache and starting a real date with him. But he was so interested as usual, so I couldn’t leave him there. Swimming in books, sort of sinking rather than floating, I followed him with my hand in his. In spite of my headache,  I felt happy listening to him, watching his smiles and having jokes with him. We went to have coffee after that at our favourite cafe (for advertisement: Thai café, Trieu Viet Vuong street Image). Then, he hardly said a thing to me, I thought he was tired. He just drunk his iced coffee and looked at me, sometimes looked around. Just few sentences did he give me to keep me alive in his dead silence and crowded surrounding’s noise. I asked him to tell me his future plan. He said “Ah…”, and then, nothing. I didn’t know exactly what he wanted to say, but I felt the way he was feeling, just unready to talk.

On my way home, he rode my around some streets, making me surprised as I supposed we would go straight to my house so that I would be in time to have my extra teaching class at 8 pm. He said that he wanted to go out  for sometime before getting home. Holding my hands, he shared with me the things he intended to at the café...

What he shared is, of course, a secret of mine. Image Love you, sweetheart!

Not too bad, not too good, that makes me uneasy

I feel quite unsatisfied with my test today. It's so crazy and I don't know why I am so stupid with such mistakes in this damn test. An uneasy feeling does come over me, and I find it hard to wash it away, I hate it, I hate it.. (hix hix, nearly cry but stop in time Image)

Anyway, it's time to forget all about exams and make preparations for Tet holiday. I've got some plans, for myself, my family and my sweetheart. Image (starting this blog is part of my plan Image)


"You know, it's a long time I haven't felt a somewhat stinging pain in my heart. Recently I've watched movies a lot and got this feeling again. It's strange, you know, it seems to me we are too close. That's not a good thing..."

Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 1, 2006

Tet is coming

Hix, the ADSL quality is too poor. I can't stand it anymore Image When will I be able to upload my pictures???

Tomorrow I'm taking my last terminal test, on English. It seems to be okay, and I hope so, but I'm down with some problems of my health. I haven't revised anything. Now I'm getting nervous, hix Image Oh, oh, I'm always so.

C'mon mun! Cos' exams will soon be over and... Tet is coming! Image